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Elegant, neat and easy-to-use

Our main goal was to make productive apps which would be beautiful however simple, making them ideal for everyday use.

Encouraging Apps

Absolutely Free

Achievements help encourage all people to accomplish what they need to.

200+ installers* trusted Reading Tracker+  so that they could read any book faster than ever before!
We offer a ​lite version for every app.

Don't worry! We will not annoy you by covering the screen with a ton of ads in the lite version of any app or show links to premium features which cannot be clicked.

Reading Tracker+

*on Amazon Underground
reading tracker+
product finder 2
wheres my car 2

Our apps

Get productive on your devices with apps from Jevin Studios.
Product Finder 2

​Find your product. Just one scan away.

Reading Tracker+

Track your reading stats. Straight from your phone.


Reading Tracker+ bonus features:

- Editable Daily Reading Record
- Daily stats
- Achievements

Amazon Underground
Reading Tracker

Track your reading stats. Straight from your phone.


Smart Search Pro 2

​Speed up the way you search.


Date Information

Find out the events, births, and deaths of a particular day with one click.

​Where's My Car? 2

​Keep track of your car's location. It's just a tap away.

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